Blue Sky,Azure Sea,

Fishing Village Feeling------, are situated between the tourist spot "Swan Lake" and "The End of Sky". It likes a bright peal, attractting thousands of travelling traders of the world.It face to the big mountains of the granite treasure, there are the Huanghai sea and the Bohai sea fishing ground in its back------


   Fun88体育app, is surrounded by sea in the three sides, enjoying the exceptional advantage condition of breeding aquatics. The company has shallow sea more than 2000 mu, 1200t marine products freezing plant------

  The mainly products are mackerel (are marinated by vinegar and salt), sea-tangle roll, scallop pillar, conch meat, red seashell meat etc.. The company has an area above 6000 sqm. and cube of 1500 tons cold storage-----

Hekou has wide developing foreground with favourable climate and geographical ----

   "Longxu Red" is A grade stone, the range of application hasn't any limit ,it is a kind of environmental stone rarely. Now "Longxu Red" has been selled to Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and enter into Europe and American-----, has built breeding base for water mink. Water mink belongs to rarity fur animal , the main commercial is fur. Marten & fox fur and Persia kid fur are three main commodity in world leather market-----

Fish Powder :degreased & all-fat fish powder

Kelp Powder:The kelp powder is a kind of iodine additive 网站地图 fun88手机版 fun88官网入口