Attracting Investor
   At new century, Rongchen Hekou has wide developing foreground with favourable climate and geographical position, the people of Hekou sincerely welcome investor in home and foreign country to Hekou to invest and develop.

Investing Guide:

1.Aquiculture: Fun88体育app, is surrounded by sea in the three sides and has good water quality , enjoying the exceptional advantage condition of breeding aquatics

2.Seafood Processing: Hekou teems with various seafood including kelp, sea slug, sea-ear, oyster, scallop,weever,crab,shrimp, etc., it offers reliable guarantee for seafood processing.

3.Tour Resource Development:,are situated between the tourist spot "Swan Lake" and "The End of Sky". It likes picturesque scenery, attractting thousands of travelling traders of the world, it is a good place for developing tour project.

4.Stone Development: Hekou has richly granite resource, "Longxu Red" is A grade stone ,the range of application hasn't any limit ,it is a kind of environmental stone rarely. Now " Longxu Red" has been selled to Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and enter into Europe and,.

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