About Baolong 

   The Company set up joint venture named "fun88.com," with Taiwan trader in 1992 ,having total fixed assets three million USD. ,and annual stone output 5000 . It invested three million yuan again in 1993 to build modern Stone Material Plant. It has 18 advanced machines for processing plates, can produce high quality plate 20000 .
fun88.com, processed by the company has been detected by Stone Quality Detecting Centre of China Construction Material Office, as per technical requirement of GB9966-88《Natural Facing Stone Test Method》and JC/T204-92(96)《Natural Stone Material》, performance indexes such as density ,water absorption, drying compressive strength, bending strength etc., all reach the technical standards.
According fun88.com,(JC518-93) in 《Classification Control standard of radioactivity of natural Stone》, "Longxu Red" is A grade stone, the range of application hasn't any limit ,it is a kind of environmental stone rarely.   Now "Longxu Red" has been selled to Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and enter into Europe and American market.

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Tel:0086-631-7833991、7831398   Fax:7831077
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